Biometric Services

July 29, 2021

The Fingerprint Section within the Biometric Services Bureau handles incoming electronic and manual fingerprint jobs utilizing our Multimodal Biometric Identification System (MBIS). MBIS is the state repository and manages all biometric data for criminal history reporting. MBIS conducts identification checks utilizing fingerprint images and houses fingerprint mugshot and iris images. The Fingerprint Section also handles criminal justice requests.

Our biometric support team consist of our Biometric and AFIS Coordinators and their assistants. Our Biometric Coordinator and Assistant Biometric Coordinator manage the criminal justice livescan devices and mobile ID devices across the state, assisting local criminal justice agencies and vendors with data, transmission, and connectivity related concerns. Our AFIS Coordinator and Assistant AFIS Coordinator manage the MBIS, as a whole, to ensure the system, workflows, and transaction concerns are handled appropriately and addressed by the MBIS vendor, when needed. They also handle MBIS connectivity for the latent community. In addition, they oversee our Archive, Front End Scanning, Store and Forward functions, and Face Recognition System.