May 24, 2023


Laboratory Evidence Submissions/Requests

  • Laboratory Customer Handbook (excerpt from Crime Laboratory Division Manual) PDF
  • Service Area Maps PDF

Crime Laboratory Forms

  • Laboratory Submission Form (LAB-201) Word | PDF
  • Seized Drugs Destruction Submission Form (LAB-202) Word | PDF
  • Toxicology/Blood Alcohol Kit Laboratory Submission (LAB-203) Word | PDF
    • Toxicology Specimen Subject Consent Form PDF
  • Bio Warehouse Form (LAB-204) Word | PDF
  • Sexual Assault Kit-Not Reported Laboratory Submission Form (LAB-205) Word | PDF
  • Consent for Release of Sexual Assault Evidence (LAB-207) Word | PDF
  • Sexual Assault Information Form (LAB-208) Word | PDF
  • Digital Multimedia Evidence Information (LAB-210) Word | PDF
  • Gunshot Residue Kit Information Form (LAB-211) Word | PDF
  • Expedited Analysis / Reanalysis Request Form (LAB-213) Word | PDF
  • Rapid DNA/Crimes of Special Concern Form (LAB-214) Word | PDF
  • Sexual Assault Evidence - Late Submission Notification Form (LAB-216) PDF | Instructions
  • Seized Drugs Overdose Case Submission Form (LAB-217) Word | PDF
  • Digital/Multimedia Waiver Form (LAB-218) Word | PDF
  • Distance Determination Information Form (LAB-219) Word | PDF


  • CODIS Review Request Form (LAB-215) Word | PDF
  • CODIS User Laboratory Application (LAB-CO-40) PDF
  • CODIS Collection Kit Order Form (LAB-CO-08) PDF | Instructions
  • Local CODIS Laboratory Familial Search Request Checklist (LAB-CO-48) PDF

General Forms

  • General Customer Survey (LAB-501) Word | PDF
  • External Court Testimony Review (LAB-314) Word | PDF

Policies and Procedures

General Lab Policy, Instruction, & Training

  • Crime Laboratory Division Manual (PDF)
  • Health and Safety Program (PDF)
  • Laboratory Information Management System Instructions (Justice Trax) (PDF)
  • General Laboratory Training Manual (PDF)

Technical Discipline Manuals & Training Manuals

  • AFIS Manual (PDF)
  • AFIS Training Manual (PDF)
  • Biology/DNA Manual (PDF)
  • Biology/DNA Training Manual (PDF)
  • Breath Alcohol Manual (PDF)
  • Breath Alcohol Training Manual (PDF)
  • CODIS Manual (PDF)
  • CODIS Training Manual (PDF)
  • Digital/Multimedia Manual (PDF)
  • Digital/Multimedia Training Manual (PDF)
  • Firearms and Toolmarks Manual (PDF)
  • Firearms and Toolmarks Training Manual (PDF)
  • Forensic Document Examination Manual (PDF)
  • Forensic Document Examination Training Manual (PDF)
  • Friction Ridge Manual (PDF)
  • Friction Ridge Training Manual (PDF)
  • Seized Drugs Manual (PDF)
  • Seized Drugs Training Manual (PDF)
  • Toxicology (Alcohol/Volatiles) Manual (PDF)
  • Toxicology (Alcohol/Volatiles) Training Manual (PDF)
  • Toxicology (Drugs) Manual (PDF)
  • Toxicology (Drugs) Training Manual (PDF)
  • Trace Evidence Manual (PDF)
  • Trace Evidence Training Manual (PDF)

Archived Manuals (PDF)

Training Resources