Objective and Mission

August 19, 2020

L&W officer using canine to inspect an 18-wheelerThe objective of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Service is to reduce commercial motor vehicle accidents through the enforcement of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. This allows us to protect the state highways from unnecessary damage by securing compliance with state laws and regulating the weight of commercial vehicles. Additionally, our goal is to ensure equitable payment of commercial vehicle registration fees by enforcement of registration laws to protect the rights, privileges, and safety of the general public in the use of the public highway system, in order to secure compliance with traffic laws and regulations applicable to the operation of all vehicles.

L&W officer inspecting the tire of an 18-wheelerThe basic mission or responsibility of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Service is weighing and checking commercial vehicle traffic operating over the public highways of this state so that compliance with the statutory provisions of law regulating weight, motor carrier safety, registration, transportation of persons, hazardous material and other property can be obtained. It has joint responsibility with the Highway Patrol Service to conduct Traffic and Criminal Law Enforcement primarily on rural highways.



  • Enforcement of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • Enforcement of Weight and Size Laws
  • Enforcement of Hazardous Material Regulations
  • Enforcement of Registration Laws Applicable to Commercial Vehicles
  • Enforcement of All Traffic Laws
  • Enforcement of Criminal Law