General Provisions Relating To Vehicle Size And Weight Table

August 19, 2020
Definition (TRC 621.401)
Weighing Loaded Vehicle (TRC 621.402)
Unloading Vehicle if Gross Weight Exceeded (TRC 621.403)
Unloading Vehicle if Axle Load Exceeded (TRC 621.404)
Unloading Exceptions (TRC 621.405)
Additional Gross Weight Registration (TRC 621.406)
Powers of Weight Enforcement Officers (TRC 621.408)
Weighing of Loaded Vehicles by Port-of-Entry
Supervisors, Inspectors, or Weight Enforcement
(TRC 621.409)
General Provisions  
Definitions (TRC 621.001)
Vehicle Registration Receipt for certain Heavy
(TRC 621.002)
Weight Limitations  
Maximum Weight of Load (TRC 621.101)
Commission's Authority to set Maximum Weights
(Load Zoned Roads)
(TRC 621.102)
Local Weight Restrictions  
County's authority to set Maximum Weights (TRC 621.301)
Exception to County's Weight Limitations (TRC 621.302)
Municipal Regulation of Loads and Equipment (TRC 621.303)
Offenses And Penalties  
Failure to carry or present Vehicle License Receipt (TRC 621.501)
Prohibitions on Size and Weight; Restrictions on
Construction and Equipment
(TRC 621.502)
Aid & Abet Law - Prohibition of Loading More
Than Weight Limitation
(TRC 621.503)
Maximum Size and Weight of Containers
(Original Weight Law)
(TRC 621.505)
Offense of Operating or Loading Overweight
Vehicle; Penalty: Defense
(TRC 621.506)
General Offense Penalty (TRC 621.507)
Affirmative Defense for Operating Vehicle with
Heavy Axle Load
(TRC 621.508)