Carrollton Mega Center Moves to Appointment Only

March 18, 2022
Appointment Only

AUSTIN – Since driver license and identification card services began being offered by appointment in May 2020, customers without appointments have formed long lines prior to business hours trying to secure one of the very limited number of same-day appointments available at offices across the state.

In particular, lines at the Carrollton Mega Center have grown so long, they often increase beyond the limited number of same-day appointments available. Therefore, with the safety of our customers and staff in mind, effective Monday, March 21, 2022, the Carrollton Mega Center will move to an appointment only model and same-day appointments will no longer be offered at this location. This new model prioritizes the safety and well-being of customers who may wait in line before business hours, in all weather for an indeterminate amount of time, without being guaranteed service.

In order to better serve the community, appointments at the Carrollton Mega Center will be evaluated continually in order to maximum the number of time slots offered based on available resources.    

Schedule an appointment

Customers needing driver license or identification card services will need to book an appointment. To schedule an appointment or check availability at any driver license office, visit the online appointment scheduler. Again, you must make an appointment online to receive services at the Carrollton Mega Center. Upon arrival at the driver license office, customers can check-in at the kiosk inside or from their mobile device. A reminder, customers can only check-in up to 30 minutes prior to their appointment time.

The department reminds customers who have existing appointments, but will not be able to keep them, to please cancel as soon as they are able. While the department is working to serve as many customers as possible, people not showing up for their appointments continues to be a major obstacle. The current no-show rate for appointments is 28%, which negatively impacts our ability to get Texans the services they need.

Driver license offices will remain open Monday through Friday during normal operating hours to assist customers with both commercial and non-commercial driver license needs. Appointments may be booked up to six months in advance for a specific day and time.

### (DPS - North Texas Region)