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The Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) site is provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety to assist counties in managing their Computerized Criminal History (CCH) information and their Federal Firearms Reporting transactions.

The major areas of the site are:

The Inbox section lists all previously requested reports and any automatically generated reports and notices from TxDPS.

The Reports section allows authorized users to request reports for their county.  Most reports are available in HTML, PDF, and CSV formats and can be downloaded if desired.

The Electronic Disposition Reporting (EDR) section allows for the submission of prosecution and court transaction files and individual transactions.  EDR file histories, a record of the transmission and return files are available via the CJIS site. Law enforcement agencies can add/modify charges online. Prosecutor and courts can also update prosecutor and court disposition information online under this tab.

The Mental Health Reporting section allows submission of individual Federal Firearm reporting transactions to TxDPS, who forwards them to the National Instant Criminal History Background Check system (NICS).

The Latent section allows agencies to create and view Latent entries.

The Services section executes services such as a Lineup creation and Mug Book search. Authorized entities can request criminal history data for research studies. This data will be requested and sent through the CJIS Site to secure the exchange of data. This section also allows users to subscribe to services provided via the CJIS site such as activity notification for a State Identification Number (SID) of interest. Users can request to deactivate account. This portion allows for a mass email notification to be sent to all CJIS Site users to help keep agencies informed of updates, changes, or issues. Under the Report and Issues, agencies can report any issue that is reported directly to the CJIS Site administrator users to research.

The Admin section allows users to manage their security profiles.  Users can change their password, update their security questions and responses, select a security photo and corresponding phrase.

The Admin>Entity Administration section allows a local representative to manage CJIS users for their entity. Functions available are: