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Analysis of Sexual Assault Evidence Initiative (SB 1636)

The spreadsheet at the following link was developed specifically in response to the Department's SB 1636 (82R) responsibilities. It provided an inventory of untested/ unreported rape kits held by the local Law Enforcement agencies at the time of the enactment of SB1636 from the 82nd regular session (09/01/2011). Law enforcement was required to submit a listing of all active sexual assault cases for which evidence had not been submitted to an accredited laboratory. The timeframe for this audit was for all cases where the offense occurred between 09/01/1996 and 08/01/2011. The statute went into effect on 09/01/2011 and Law Enforcement agencies had until 10/15/2011 to report their inventory of unanalyzed evidence to the department.

While DPS does not currently have a view into the inventory of untested/unreported rape kits held by the cities/counties that were collected outside of the SB1636 timeframe, HB8 from the 86th regular session does provide for a mechanism to obtain that data from local agencies. The first report required by HB8 is due from the locals not later than December 15, 2019 (see 420.045 / 420.047 of Texas Government Code as amended by HB8).

Status Report of Sexual Assault Evidence Initiative (PDF)