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Non-Reported Sexual Assault Evidence Program

The Non-Reported Sexual Assault Evidence Program was created in House Bill 2626 by the 81st Legislature in 2009.  The program allows survivors of a sexual assault to obtain a forensic medical exam and have evidence collected, without cost to the survivor, even if they do not wish to involve law enforcement personnel at the time of its collection.  This will secure the evidence while giving the survivor time to consider if they want to report the assault.  The rules and responsibilities related to this program can be found under Article 56.065 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The new law also defines the applicable heath care facilities that are affected by the program, directs a health care facility to perform the appropriate exam, directs the Department of Public Safety to pay the appropriate health care facility fees for the forensic portion of the exam, and directs the Texas Attorney General’s Office to reimburse the Department.  It also requires the Department to transfer and preserve the evidence for either two years or until the survivor releases the evidence, whichever comes first.

The items listed below have been replaced with the Laboratory Customer Handbook and its associated Lab Forms.


See Non-Reported Sexual Assault Evidence Program Chapter - Laboratory Customer Handbook (excerpt from Crime Laboratory Service Manual) PDF