Laboratory Requests/Evidence Submissions

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As a result of compliance with accreditation standards, there are certain requirements of communication and policies regarding case acceptance that must be upheld by the DPS Crime Laboratory Service.

Physical Evidence Handbook (PDF) outlines specific parameters/limitations regarding the submission of evidence and our statement of services provided by a DPS Crime Laboratory.

Section 1 contains General Information, including Statement of Services (PEH-01-02), Scope of Testing (PEH-01-03; Laboratory Services and Laboratory Contact Information), and Instructions for the completion of the Laboratory Submission Form (PEH-01-05).

Sections 2 and 3 deal with Evidence Collection and special evidence considerations.

ATTENTION – In an effort to provide more efficient and effective service for Drug, DNA, GSR Primer Residue, Fire Debris, and Computer Forensic testing requests, the DPS Crime Laboratory Service has implemented the following case acceptance policies:
  • Drug Evidence Submission and Acceptance Policy (PEH-02-02)
  • DNA Case Acceptance Policy (PEH-02-04A)
  • DME Case Acceptance Policy (PEH-02-08B)
  • GSR Case Acceptance Policy (PEH-02-05A)
  • Fire Debris Case Acceptance Policy (PEH-02-12)

Service Area Maps
Submission of evidence to DPS crime labs for forensic testing regarding drugs, blood alcohol, DNA, trace evidence, firearms, and toolmarks is based on the geographic area and the county of offense. Click the following link to view the service area maps that depict the testing provided at each lab:

Toxicology, Digital Multimedia Evidence, Questioned Documents, and Fire Debris testing services are covered only at the Austin Lab.

The DPS Crime Laboratory Service does not perform external calibration services.

Laboratory Evidence Submission/Requests
Laboratory Submission Form (LAB-06) DOCM | PDF | Instructions
Sexual Assault Evidence Submission Certification Form (LAB-06A) DOC | PDF
Controlled Substances Destruction Submission Form (LAB-06B) DOCM | PDF
Fire Debris Evidence Submission Form (LAB-06C) DOCM | PDF
Toxicology/Blood Alcohol Kit Laboratory Submission Form (LAB-12) (DOCM)
Blood Kit Instructions (LAB-12B) (DOC)
Urine Kit Instructions (LAB-12U) (DOCM)
Toxicology/Blood Alcohol Service Areas (LAB-12SA) (PDF)
Gunshot Residue Information Form (LAB-17) (DOC)
Instructions for Collecting Gunshot Residue Kit (LAB-17A) (PDF)
Digital Media Evidence Information Form (LAB-23) (DOCM)
Forensic Arson Laboratory Submission Criteria Sheet (SFM-AL-03)
Evidence Can Quality Check Form (LAB-29) DOCM | PDF