Breath Alcohol Calibration/Certified Reference Materials

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The Department's Breath Alcohol Laboratory Program ensures that statewide quality assurance and operational standards are followed by law enforcement agencies when administering breath tests. To accomplish its goals, the Crime Lab Service provides training, equipment, supplies, and laboratory support to local, state, and federal authorities. In addition to its responsibility for training and licensing operators, the Department calibrates all evidential breath test instruments. Prepares and certifies calibration solutions for use with breath test instruments.

The Breath Alcohol Laboratory is responsible for training and licensing breath test operators and maintenance/certification of the evidential breath test equipment used in the State of Texas.

The Breath Alcohol Laboratory (BAL) serves as the calibration/certification of the Breath Testing Instrument locations for the State.  Also, the BAL is responsible for the preparation and certifying of reference standards for use in the calibration/certification program.  The Scientific Director's Office directly manages the BAL and the Department's technical supervisors, and administratively manages technical supervisors employed by other agencies.


Breath Alcohol Laboratory
Office of the Scientific Director
MSC 0570
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0570

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