Getting Started with TOPS

September 11, 2020

The Private Security Program has an online application process and licensing database called Texas Online Private Security (TOPS). TOPS is a user-friendly program providing:

  • Faster application processing
  • Application status updates via email
  • Real time licensing information 

Current or previously licensed in the Private Security program
If you are currently licensed with Private Security or were licensed within the last 3 years, you already have a TOPS profile. You can access your profile from the TOPS home page. If you have never logged in before or have forgotten your password, click on “Can’t Login” and follow the steps to gain access to your TOPS profile.

New to the Texas Private Security Program
If you are new to the Texas Private Security Program and are applying for a new business license or individual license, please visit the application instructions page for further information.

Search Licensees
The search licensees function on the TOPS homepage allows a user to search for information on individuals or companies licensed by the Private Security Program. To achieve the most accurate search results, it may be necessary to specify multiple search criteria. This means adding additional terms in the search box. For example, suppose a search for “Yorke” returns too many results. You can additionally specify the license number, first name, state, zip code and license type to narrow the search results. In contrast, suppose a search for “Yorke” returns no results. You can expand your search by including an asterisk “York*”.