Company Questions

September 21, 2020

1. I am an owner or a company representative in a licensed business, do I need an individual license to perform regulated services?

Individually licensed owners may perform any unarmed regulated service the company is licensed to offer. Any armed services a licensed owner wishes to perform in an individual capacity will require a security officer commission, and a personal protection officer license if applicable.

Individuals holding less than a 51% interest in a business who wish to personally perform regulated services will need to apply and obtain an individual license.

2. How do I apply for a company license?

3. When does a company license expire?

A company license expires every year on the last date of the expiration month. In addition, the expiration date is printed on the company license.

4. Where can I check the status of my company application?

You can check the status of a company application by searching Companies in Texas Online Private Security (TOPS). This information is updated in real-time.

5. When can I renew my company license online?

You can renew a company license 90 days before the expiration date, and up to one (1) year after the expiration (late fees will be applied, if company license is expired). If you are within the renewal period and experience problems, please Contact Us or call (512) 424-7293.

6. Can I make a payment for my company renewal if my company insurance is expired and the system displays insurance suspension?

Yes, you can make payment for your company renewal. However, the renewal will not be processed until your company is reflecting current insurance in our database.

7. Can a company hire independent contractors to perform regulated services?

Yes. However, the contractors must be either licensed as employees and covered by the company's statutorily required insurance, or independently licensed as security service contractors under Chapter 1702. See Private Security Administrative Rule 35.2 .

8. How do I check the status of my company license renewal?

You can check the status of a company renewal by searching Texas Online Private Security (TOPS). This information is updated in real-time.

9. Do I need to register a branch office?

Yes. If you have more than one location, you will need to register your branch office(s) in TOPS. There is no fee to register a branch office, and branch offices require renewal when the business license is renewed. Branch offices are assigned a letter but do not a generate a separate license certificate.