Schedule your Driving Test Appointment

November 25, 2020

Please carefully read the requirements below to ensure that your visit is as fast and efficient as possible.

Preparing for your driving test

To make sure you have everything you need for your visit, please carefully review what you will need to prepare for a drive test and bring the following items to your appointment:

  1. Your Texas learner license or Texas driver license with B restriction (Note:  if lost, one approved identity document is required)
  2. The driving test fee or the payment receipt if you have already paid. (Note: payment is good for only 90 days - date of expiration is listed on the payment receipt. You will be required to make payment again after expiration.)
  3. Certificate of completion for meeting the ITD requirements;
  4. If you are younger than 25, proof of driver education:
    1. Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964) from a certified driving school,
    2. Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964E) from a public high school,
    3. Texas Driver Education Certificate (DE-964) from an approved parent taught program, OR
    4. Adult Driver Education Certificate (ADE-1317)
  5. Proof of current liability insurance for the vehicle to be used for the road test. (Note:  applicant cannot be listed as an excluded driver); AND
  6. A vehicle for the road test that meets all of these requirements:
    1. Current registration sticker;
    2. Two license plates; one plate affixed to both the front and rear bumpers
    3. No unusual mechanical issues (such as having doors that do not open from inside or outside the vehicle – this will result in failure of the vehicle inspection); AND
    4. All of the vehicle safety requirements described at How to Prepare for a Drive Test.

Note:  No additional passengers will be allowed in the vehicle during the driver test.

Taking Your Driving Test with a Rental Vehicle:
Here is what to keep in mind if you are considering using a rental vehicle for your driving test:

  • Authorized Driver:  The person taking the test must be listed on the rental agreement as an authorized driver.
  • Test-Friendly Rental:  Make sure the rental company permits using their vehicles for driving tests.  Some agreements might have exclusions for this purpose.
  • Insurance:  You must show proof that the rental vehicle is covered by liability insurance either by accepting the liability damage waiver when you rent the rent the vehicle or by showing proof that your personal auto liability insurance covers rental vehicles.

To schedule your driving test visit Driver License Services – Appointments.

Note:  An assigned driver license number for the testing applicant must be entered when scheduling for a driving test.