Use of Force (UoF) Program

November 21, 2022

The objective of the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) Use of Force Program is to collect and provide state-wide statistics on law enforcement use-of-force incidents. The collection and reporting of use of force data will include the following entry criteria for any use of force incident (including both firearm and non-firearm-related applied force methods) in connection with Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) as per the FBI's Use of Force Guidelines.

  1. Death connected to use of Force by LEO(s)
  2. Serious Bodily Injury (SBI) in connection to use of force by LEO(s)
  3. Firearm discharged by LEO(s) at or in the direction of a person without serious bodily injury or death


National UoF Program-TXDPS UoF Portal

TXDPS is in the process of standing up a state-level web portal for direct submissions. TXDPS will then submit all Texas local agency data to the FBI. To avoid duplication of data, the FBI will be shutting off access for UoF submissions through LEEP as DPS turns on the state-level UoF portal. 


< Join the voluntary National UoF Program

For questions related to:

  1. The UoF Portal application (on LEEP), email the FBI at UseofForce@FBI.GOV
  2. The voluntary National UoF Program, email DPS at
  3. The State Mandated UoF program, call OAG at (512) 463-2100