Texas UCR NIBRS Certified Vendors

August 30, 2020


This is list of vendors that offer software and IT solutions to assist Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) with setting up and maintaining systems for reporting NIBRS data to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) bureau within Texas DPS.

  • In order for a vendor to be added to this listing, they must be working with a Texas LEA to submit data to Texas DPS and pass the NIBRS Certification process.
  • LEAs can select any vendor they choose, including ones not appearing on the listing. New vendors will need to pass the certification process, in order for LEAs to submit NIBRS data.
  • Vendors will be removed from the listing, if they have not actively been working with any LEA to submit NIBRS data to Texas DPS for a period of more than 6 months.

Inclusion of a vendor on this UCR listing does not expressly imply the vendor solution or the LEA is CJIS compliant. This vendor listing solely indicates the solution meets the appropriate formatting to adhere to Incident-Based Reporting technical requirements for UCR submissions. For questions relating to the technical and security controls involving CJIS compliance, please refer to our CJIS Technical Audit Team for assistance.

For more information regarding NIBRS certification or to begin submitting NIBRS data, LEAs should contact the UCR program.


Texas UCR NIBRS Certified Vendors


Phone number


Caliber Public Safety   (888) 810-8018
CAPERS   (817) 618-4911
Cardinal Tracking Inc   (800) 285-3833
Central Square Superion (800) 727-8088
  One Solution  
  H T E  
  Public Safety Suite Professional (Zuercher)  
Cohero   (858) 777-1971
Computer Information Systems (CIS)   (877) 673-7800
CRIMES   (936) 294-4378
Crimestar   (877) 767-4267
EDOC Technologies Inc.   (800) 767-4267
eForce Software   (800) 570-4943
End2End Inc. ARMS (800) 776-6783
Executive Information Services Inc.   (877) 347-9273
Hexagon Intergraph (256) 730-2000
iDocket    (800) 436-2538
Indico   (817) 335-6777
In-Synch Systems   (800) 243-6540
Integrated Computer Systems (ICS)   (214)-544-0022 ext. 20
Justice Solutions   (800) 614-6361
Ki Corp   (806) 767-9500
Kologik COPsync (225) 291-5440
  Kologik Web RMS  
Mark43   (212) 651-9154
Motorola Solutions Premier One (888) 325-9336
  Spillman Flex  
Net Data   (800) 465-5127
Niche Technology Inc   (204) 786-2400
Omnigo Software   (866) 727-8088
PTS Solutions, Inc.   (888) 831-5151
Southern Software   (800) 842-8190
Sun Ridge Systems RIMS (888) 791-7467
Thin Line Software   (806) 300-0455
Tyler Technologies New World Systems (Public Safety) (800) 646-2633
Versaterm   (480) 663-7739