CJIS Documents

May 13, 2024

CJIS Policy Components

FBI CJIS Security Policy version 5.9.4 - (PDF)

FBI CJIS Requirements Companion Document version 5.9.4 - (PDF)

Texas CJIS Requirements Companion Document version 5.9.4 - (PDF)

CJIS Security Addendum (DOC)

Texas Security Policy Supplement (PDF)

APB Topic Request Form (PDF)

Other Helpful Resources

Incident Response Form (DOC)

CJIS Technical Audit Checklist - (PDF)

Agency Corrective Action Plan (CAP) - (PDF)

SaaS Assessment Process & Questionnaire – (PDF)


System Access

LEEP Brochure (PDF)

System Access Chart (PDF)

Certification Page References

Contractor Employee Reference Documentation - CFR (PDF)

Contractor Employee Reference Documentation - NCIC2000 Manual (PDF)

Contractor Employee Reference Documentation - Texas Government Code (PDF)

Sample Agreements, Policies & Procedures

Mgmt Ctrl Agreement – Dispatch Services – Sample (DOC)

Mgmt Ctrl Agreement – Technical Services – Sample (DOC)

NIST Awareness and Training Policy (AT) – Sample (DOCX)

NIST Identification and Authentication Policy – Sample (DOCX)

NIST Maintenance Policy – Sample (DOCX)

NIST Personnel Security Policy – Sample (DOCX)

NIST Planning Policy – Sample (DOCX)

NIST System and Communications Protection Policy – Sample (DOCX)

NIST System and Services Acquisition Policy – Sample (DOCX)

NIST Auditing and Accountability Policy – Sample (DOCX)

NIST Configuration Management Policy – Sample (DOCX)

NIST Incident Response Policy – Sample (DOCX)

NIST Media Protection Policy - Sample (DOCX)

NIST Physical and Environmental Protection Policy - Sample (DOCX)

NIST Risk Assessment Policy - Sample (DOCX)

NIST System and Information Integrity Policy - Sample (DOCX)

NIST Access Control Policy - Sample (DOCX)

Network Diagrams

1 TLETS terminal (VSD)

1 TLETS terminal (JPG)

2 TLETS terminals (VSD)

2 TLETS terminals (JPG)

CAD/RMS/Interfaced TLETS terminals (JPG)

CAD/RMS/Interfaced terminals (VSD)