CJIS Security Awareness Training

September 1, 2020

CJIS Online is the CJIS Security Awareness Training software available to Texas agencies to help meet section 5.2 CJIS Security Awareness Training requirements in the CJIS Security Policy.  Agencies are required to have security awareness training for personnel and vendors with access within six months of assignment then biennially thereafter.

The agency should consider adding their personnel into the CJIS Online training software to reduce recordkeeping and help with preparing reports for audits. To assist agencies, many vendors have been entered into the training application.

The agency's main contact is the TAC, and is the CJIS Online Local Admin at each agency to setup training for their personnel.  Agency TACs should contact us if they need assistance signing in or starting CJIS Online. Below is reference material explaining the overall process, guides and samples to get started with the new CJIS Online training resource.

Training Module Overview (PDF)
TAC Guide to CJIS Online (PDF)
Vendor / IT guide to CJIS Online (PDF)
Sample email text for personnel training (PDF)

For further information regarding CJIS Security Awareness Training with CJIS Online, please contact the following: