CODIS DNA Collection Instructions and Order Form

August 30, 2020


Attention All Agencies:

The CODIS laboratory will be transitioning to a new buccal collection kit in the Fall of 2023. This change will affect all agencies currently collecting offender DNA samples for uploading to the State of Texas DNA database (CODIS).

The new collection kits will replace the existing buccal swab and blood tube collection kits with a single buccal collector. The data card will also have significant updates from the current data card template to make it easier to obtain any additional information needed for identity verification. Along with the new collection kit and updated template, a new collection training video will be provided that will assist you with the new sample collection process. This adjustment will simplify the collection procedure while maintaining the highest quality standards for DNA analysis.

The new collection kits will begin shipping once our current inventory is exhausted. Please continue using the current collection kits until your inventory has been exhausted.

CODIS Collection Kit Instructions (New)

DNA Buccal Collection Training Video (New)

DNA Buccal Swab Collection Training Video (Old Kits) 

Please note these kits are only for the purpose of collection of offender samples under this statute and not to be used for suspect sample collections in a criminal case.

CODIS Collection Kit Order Form (LAB-CO-08) (PDF)