Texas DPS Make Arrests for Fraudulent Motor Vehicle Inspections

May 27, 2019

EL PASO – Last week, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) arrested (7) suspects for allegedly tampering with government documents by issuing fraudulent Motor Vehicle Inspections. Tampering with a government document is a third degree felony charge.

During the investigation, several Motor Vehicle Stations were identified that had conducted thousands of fraudulent motor vehicle inspections over a two-year period. Individuals at these stations were charging $40.00 per fraudulent inspection while the current standard state rate is $18.50.

Emission analyzers that were utilized to perpetrate the crimes at these stations were seized and have an estimated value of $65,000. Documents detailing the illegal transactions and $2,100 cash were also seized as part of the investigation.

Agencies involved in this investigation include DPS Special Agents, DPS Compliance Enforcement Service and Homeland Security Investigations.

The following individuals were arrested and booked into El Paso County Jail:

David Chapa, 40, El Paso, Texas
Carlos A. Terrerazas, 23, El Paso Texas
Antonio Alvarado, 46, El Paso Texas
Ernesto Quinones, 44, El Paso Texas
Oliver Lawrence Ortiz, 41, El Paso Texas
David Aguayo-Saldana, 31, El Paso Texas
Cynthia Chapa, 39, El Paso Texas

If you are aware of an individual or business conducting fraudulent motor vehicle inspections, please contact the local DPS office at (915) 849-4000.

### (DPS-West Texas Region)