Statement by DPS Director McCraw About Veterans Day

November 9, 2016

AUSTIN – Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Director Steven McCraw issued the following statement regarding Veterans Day:

“On Veterans Day, we are reminded of the generations of men and women who courageously joined the United States Military and devoted their lives to protecting this great nation against all threats. In answering the call of duty, these extraordinary individuals willingly embraced the tremendous sacrifices that come with service.

“Because of their dedication to service at home and abroad, Americans and countless others around the world have been afforded precious freedoms and safety – and for this, our military members will always be remembered as heroes.

“At the Department of Public Safety, we are exceedingly grateful for the veterans who have chosen to join DPS. Their continued dedication to protecting and helping others has had a profound impact on the department and the entire state of Texas.

“Today, we also recognize that behind every soldier, sailor, guardsman, airman and Marine are many family members and loved ones who also shoulder tremendous sacrifices to ensure this country is protected. Thank you for your priceless gift of support and understanding.”

### (HQ 2016-126)