DPS Graduates Four New Canine Teams

April 11, 2019
DPS canine teamDPS canine team

AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) today graduated four Troopers and four canines from a nine-week training program. These canine teams will join 45 other DPS Narcotic Detection Teams stationed throughout Texas, in addition to six explosive-detection teams within the Texas Highway Patrol Division.

DPS canine teamDPS canine teamDPS canine teamDPS canine teamDPS canine team

“This is a great day for the Texas Department of Public Safety and the state of Texas as we welcome the four newest canine teams to our ranks,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “The canine teams who graduated today have endured rigorous and specialized training over the last nine weeks, and we’re proud of their hard work and look forward to seeing all they accomplish as they serve and protect Texas.”

DPS canine team

One of the dogs was obtained from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and three were acquired through donations. The breeds include three Labrador Retrievers and one Belgian Malinois. The four newly-trained canines will be used for drug detection.

The new dogs and their duty stations are as follows: Fia (Eagle Pass); Razor (Kingsville); Tayson (Alpine); and Duke (El Paso).

In 2018, DPS canine teams assisted in the seizure of approximately 17,576 pounds of marijuana, 462 pounds of cocaine, 185 pounds of heroin, 456 pounds of methamphetamine, 566 pounds of hashish and $5.7 million in cash.

DPS canine teamDPS canine teams graduationDPS canine teams

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