Cash Transaction Card

All MREs are required to issue a cash transaction card to any seller of regulated material being paid by cash or debit card. Cash transaction cards are non-transferable. MREs are required to keep copies of each application and copy of each cash transaction card for two years.

The Application for Cash Transaction Card is available on the DPS website. In lieu of the DPS provided form, an MRE may utilize an alternate form after approval is granted by the Department. Visit forms for complete instructions on how to submit an alternate form for review by the department.

The cash transaction card must follow the guidelines listed in Texas Occupations Code §1956.0382(d) and Texas Administrative Code §36.37. When the seller is applying for a cash transaction card and selling regulated material, sellers must not receive payment by cash or debit. Payments can be issued by check, money order, or direct deposit.

Local jurisdictions that license MREs may have additional requirements. These requirements are permitted as long as they do not conflict with state law. MREs located in such jurisdictions should contact the permitting authority directly with questions about local regulations.

Cash Transaction Card Renewal

Upon or prior to expiration of a cash transaction card, MREs will need to complete a new Application for Cash Transaction Card form (RSD-804) or update the current application on file. Application on file may only be updated if there are no changes to the application such as address, identification type, etc.

  Update application on file (No changes to applicant information):

RSD-804 screenshot 1

  Update application on file (changes to applicant information):

RSD-804 screenshot 2

Cash Transaction Card Issuance:

Use of Alternate Forms: RSD-805 and RSD-804
There are two ways to submit alternate forms of Metals Recycling Transaction Statement of Ownership (RSD-805) and Application for Cash Transaction Card (RSD-804):