October 5, 2011

Legislative changes
Senate Bill 694, enacted by the 82nd Texas Legislature, adds several items to the list of regulated metals.  Effective September 1, 2011 all transactions involving these materials are required to be recorded and reported in the same manner as all other previously regulated transactions.  The bill will require the Texas Department of Public Safety (The Department) to implement programming changes to the Metals Registration  Program application that have not yet been completed.

In the meantime, Metal Registration Program Reporting Requirements have been provided below:

All Metal Recycling Entities (MREs) will continue to report their transactions to The Department per the current reporting processes.

The Department will not require MREs to submit transaction reports on the newly regulated materials listed in Section 1 of the bill (to be codified in Texas Occupations Code Section 1956.001, subdivision (10))  until the Metals Registration Program application has been reprogrammed to accept the new fields.

Metals Legislated Changes Notification
The Department will provide notification via the Metals Registration Program homepage regarding the mandated changes and any new Department reporting requirements, once programming changes have been completed.