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Incentive Program

The Texas Legislature authorized the Incentive Program to give individuals the opportunity to pay surcharges owed under the Driver Responsibility Program and still maintain their driving privileges.

For individuals who qualify, the Incentive Program:

  1. Reduces only the surcharge amount owed to 50 percent of the total plus related fees, and
  2. Stops the surcharge suspension for those individuals who are making payments; individuals who have an enforcement action other than a surcharge suspension are still not eligible to drive.

Individuals who participate in this program will still owe the full amount of all other applicable fees, including reinstatement fees and service fees.

Apply for Incentive

To apply for incentive, individuals must submit an application and provide supporting documentation. An application must be fully completed, signed before it can be processed.

You can apply online and download an application at Municipal Services Bureau (MSB) or call 866-223-3583 to have an application mailed.

Submitting Documentation

Based on the answers that were provided to the questions in the application, some individuals may have to submit any or all the following items:

NOTE: Submitting false information may result in criminal charges and prosecution.

Approval or Denial of Application

The determination of eligibility is made by the Department or its designee. A notice will be mailed to each individual who qualifies for a reduction in surcharges. The notice will provide the due date for the surcharge and the amount of reduced balance that is now owed. 

If an individual is denied incentive, a letter of denial will be mailed to the address listed on the most recent surcharge account.

Payment of Reduced Surcharges

Payment must be received by the due date, or the individual’s driving privileges will be suspended. If new surcharges are assessed within 90 days of the approval for the reduction, those surcharges will also be reduced and a letter will be mailed to the individual with the new balance. The new balance must still be paid by the original due date.

If a surcharge is assessed 91 days or more from the date the application is approved, then the individual will be required to submit a new application for that surcharge.

Federal Poverty Guidelines

The Incentive Program applies to individuals living above 125% but below 300% of the federal poverty level.

300% of the 2018 HHS Poverty Guidelines
Persons in
300% 300% 300%
48 Contiguous
States & DC
Alaska Hawaii
1 $36,420.00 $45,540.00 $41,880.00
2 $49,380.00 $61,740.00 $56,790.00
3 $62,340.00 $77,940.00 $71,700.00
4 $75,300.00 $94,140.00 $86,610.00
5 $88,260.00 $110,340.00 $101,520.00
6 $101,220.00 $126,540.00 $116,430.00
7 $114,180.00 $142,740.00 $131,340.00
8 $127,140.00 $158,940.00 $146,250.00
For each additional $12,960.00 $16,200.00 $14,910.00