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Drug or Controlled Substance Offenses

Individuals who are convicted of a drug or controlled substance offense:

Individuals who do not have a driver license at the time of the offense will be denied the issuance of a driver license for 180 days. The 180 days for the denial of issuance, also known as an Order of Prohibition, starts when the individual contacts the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) inquiring about a driver license. Forms are not available online but may be obtained at any driver license office or by calling our Customer Contact Center at (512) 424-2600.

Drug Education Program

Classes for the Drug Education Program are offered through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). For a list of approved classes, please contact TDLR at 800-803-9202, or by email.

Failure to complete the required 15-hour class for each conviction will result in a revocation of the individual’s driver license beyond the original 180-day suspension. A revocation will remain on the individual’s driver license until DPS receives a certificate of completion and the individual pays an additional administrative fee for failure to complete the program as required.

Driver License Reinstatement Requirements

Prior to the renewal or issuance of a driver license, the individual must:

  1. Pay the required reinstatement fee,
  2. Obtain a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22) from an authorized insurance company then submit to DPS (an SR-22 must be maintained for two years from the date of conviction), and
  3. Submit to DPS the certificate of completion for the required Drug Education Program.
   DPS Mailing Address, Fax Number and Email Information

Required documents can be submitted by mail, fax or email. All documents submitted by email must be in PDF format. Individual must write their name, date of birth and driver license number on all documents so their record can be properly identified.

Mailing Address:

Texas Department of Public Safety
Enforcement and Compliance Service
P.O. Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0320

Fax Number:



Occupational License

Individuals may be eligible to apply for an occupational license while their driver license is suspended or revoked. To learn more about occupational licenses or to determine if you may be eligible to apply, please visit our Occupational License webpage.

Driver Eligibility Status

For individuals who are required to submit compliance documents (i.e. certificate of completion, SR-22, etc.), their driver eligibility status will change from “ineligible” to “eligible” on the License Eligibility website once all documents have been processed and fees have been paid.