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Delinquent Child Support Revocation

Once the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is notified by the Attorney General of Texas, DPS will take revocation action against a Texas resident for failure to pay child support.

Individuals who are delinquent in child support will:

  1. Have their driver license or driving privilege revoked, or
  2. Be denied the issuance of a driver license.

Driver License Reinstatement Requirements

The revocation or denial of issuance will remain in effect until the Attorney General of Texas submits an order to DPS vacating or staying the order of revocation.

Reinstatement Fee

Individuals are not required to pay a reinstatement fee to restore their driving privileges if their driver license was revoked due to delinquent child support.

Occupational License

Individuals who have their driver license revoked due to delinquent child support are not eligible for an occupational license.

Driver Eligibility Status

For individuals who are required to submit compliance documents (i.e. certificate of completion, SR-22, etc.), their driver eligibility status will change from “ineligible” to “eligible” on the License Eligibility website once all documents have been processed and fees have been paid.