Leadership & Professional Development Unit (LPDU)

September 11, 2020

LogoThe Department of Public Safety understands the need for maintaining the highest standards of conduct and performance. Leadership development is paramount to this endeavor. The challenges we face in a rapidly evolving and asymmetric threat environment and the increasing population in our State, demands our leaders be proficient in the art and science of law enforcement and the employment of leadership best practices in a joint, interagency environment.

It is critical that our agency maintain a robust leadership development pipeline to ensure the citizens of the State of Texas always receive the best customer service and protection possible. The Department has defined leadership as, "The ability to motivate and inspire others; to develop and mentor others; to gain the respect, confidence, and loyalty of others; to articulate a vision, to give guidance and to direct others in accomplishing goals."  Therefore, leadership development is not only encouraged but expected for all members of the Department.

The LPDU provides opportunities for both commissioned and non-commissioned personnel to participate in courses and workshops that will help increase their leadership and professional capacity.  Examples of some of the courses offered are: The 5 Levels of Leadership, Attitude, Communication Strategies, Interest Based Leadership, Leadership is Everyone's Business, 360 Degree Leadership and much more. These courses are instructed by ETR and personnel from the field.

LPDU also hosts the Live2Lead simulcast and Leadercast Women simulcast.

For more information about our program please contact Lt. Lynn Floyd at 512-424-5315