Illegal Drug Usage

September 2, 2020

Having a history of illegal drug use as an adult that tends to establish a pattern. Illegal drug usage as a juvenile will not be a reason to reject an applicant, if no establish pattern continues as an adult;

  • Applicants who have an established pattern of illegal use of any class of controlled substance, including marijuana as defined in the Texas Health & Safety Code will be rejected. This includes prescription drugs not prescribed to the applicant for their use, anabolic steroids, and designer type drugs. Evaluation will be based upon; how the drug was obtained, the number and frequency of use, the intended purpose, type of drug, and from whom the drug was obtained.
  • The suitability of an applicant, who has illegally used any class of a controlled substance that does not establish a pattern of abuse, including marijuana will be evaluated on the basis of circumstance of involvement, use, length of use, and quantity of use.
  • Applicants who have established a pattern of selling, manufacturing, distributing or cultivating illegal drugs, including marijuana will be rejected.

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