Fitness Requirements for Trooper Trainees and Recruits

September 2, 2020

(New Requirements)

All trooper trainee applicants are required to pass the Department's standard physical readiness test to continue in the application process. The physical readiness test consists of two events; a timed 1.5-mile run and 500 Meter Row Sprint. The scores from both tests will be averaged for a total physical readiness test score. The total score average for both events must be at the minimum of 70 percentile or above to be considered a passing score.

The minimum physical fitness requirement for all applicants and trooper trainees is passing the physical readiness test at the 70 percentile. The application process is very competitive, and only the top qualified applicants will be selected to attend the Department's trooper trainee recruit school. The applicant's physical fitness score plays an important role in their overall ranking. Applicants scoring at the minimum 70 percentile on their physical readiness test are less likely to have a high enough overall ranking score to continue in the application process.

All trooper trainees accepted to attend a recruit school must pass the entrance physical readiness test at the minimum 70 percentile on the first day of recruit school. In addition, trooper trainees must pass the entry command presence standard. Trooper Trainee recruits not passing the requirements will have their conditional job offer rescinded and will be sent home. Candidates sent home due to not passing will be required to reapply and complete the application process again if the applicant wishes to attend a future recruit school.

The Department's entrance physical readiness and command presence requirements can be found below. Please use the chart below to find your minimum standard at the 70 percentile and train for a higher percentage to be competitive.






OR:  Height / Weight Standards

OR: % Body Fat Standards