New Legislation

October 22, 2020

86th Legislative Session

SB 616 Effective: September 1, 2019

  • Creates new Subchapters Q and R, to Chapter 411, Government Code. These subchapters address the administration of complaints; investigations; informal resolution proceedings; administrative actions against licensees and related procedures. 
  • Requires the development of penalty schedules and enforcement plans, and the publication of an annual report of regulatory statistics. 

HB 1342 Effective: September 1, 2019

  • This bill amends several provisions of Chapter 53, Occupations Code, relating to the offenses determined by a licensing agency to be disqualifying and the procedures by which a licensing agency may deny an application or suspend or revoke an occupational license. 
  • Repeals Section 53.021(a)(2), Occupations Code, eliminating the authority to deny, suspend or revoke for a criminal conviction that does not relate to the occupation.
  • Adds new Section 53.0231, requiring notice of the intent to deny an application and the allowance of not less than thirty days to submit additional material relevant to the individual's fitness for licensure.
  • Repeals Section 53.023(c), Additional Factors for Licensing Authority to Consider.

SB 37 Effective: June 7, 2019

  • Repeals Section 57.491, Education Code.  State agencies may no longer refuse to renew an occupational license based on a student loan.