September 30, 2020

1. How often do I report transactions? Where do I send/how do I upload transactions?

Transactions should be reported within two (2) business days of the date of purchase.

Visit Reporting Guidelines for instructions on how to upload transactions into TOM.

2. How do I add users to my Texas Online Metals (TOM) account so my employees can upload transactions and NOT use my (owner's) account?

Once you are logged in to Texas Online Metals (TOM), under Account Management click on Add Additional User. Complete the form requesting information and a password will be sent to the new user. They will then be able to upload transactions for your MRE.

3. Can I use a Post Office Box for the seller when reporting a transaction to DPS?

No, for reporting purposes, the address reported for a seller of regulated materials must be a physical address and cannot be a Post Office Box.