September 30, 2020

1. How do I apply for an MRE Certificate/License?

Visit Metals Registration Application Instructions and review the list of requirements to register as a Metal Recycling Entity (MRE). Visit Texas Online Metals (TOM) to begin the registration process. Once there click the New User button.

2. What are Ownership Documents? Where do I send them?

Ownership Documents are documents provided by the Texas Secretary of State that show proof of ownership of the business. Acceptable forms are Assumed Name Records, Certificate of Filing, Certificate of Formation, and Certificate of Fact. They can be uploaded during the registration process on Texas Online Metals (TOM).

3. What if the location I am registering is subject to current or pending disciplinary action (e.g., suspension or revocation)?

The new owner for the location will need to complete an Affidavit (RSD-807) indicating that the previous owner (who is subject to the disciplinary action), has no, nor will have any, direct involvement in the business of the metal recycling entity, per Texas Administrative Code §36.11 (d) and (e). This document should be uploaded with the required ownership documents at the time of application.

4. If I (the owner of an MRE) am convicted of a disqualifying offense as an applicant or registrant what do I do?

As per the Texas Administrative Code §36.36(d), an applicant or registrant shall notify the department within seventy-two (72) hours of the conviction of a disqualifying offense. Disqualifying offenses can be found in the Texas Administrative Code, §36.55. The department can be notified by email, fax, or phone.