September 30, 2020

1. What is the definition of "explosive" and "explosive components"?

Texas Penal Code §46.01 Definition:
Any explosive or incendiary bomb, grenade, rocket or mine, that is designed, made or adapted for the purpose of inflicting serious bodily injury, death, or substantial property damage, or for the principal purpose of such a loud report as to cause undue public alarm or terror, and includes a device designed, made, or adapted for delivery or shooting an explosive weapon.

2. Why do I get an email each month from the Texas Metals Program team about explosives?

Some types of regulated materials can contain varying types of explosives that can be difficult to detect. All metal recycling entities need to know the dangers of receiving materials containing explosives at the facility. For this reason, DPS sends regular reminders and recommendations regarding what a metal recycling entity can do should they encounter explosives. Remember the three R's: RECOGNIZE, RETREAT AND REPORT.

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