Property Accountability and File Management

August 30, 2020

It is now mandatory, that if the following property is issued out and in use, the LEA must have a Physical Custody Form (link below) on file, signed by the officer/deputy that the property is issued to.

  • All optics
  • Robots
  • Weapons & weapon parts
  • High Profile Vehicles
  • Aircraft

Physical Custody Form

The Chief Law Enforcement Official (CLEO) and/or Civilian Governing Body (CGB) of the Law Enforcement Agency (LEA), is responsible for all LESO Program controlled property. LEAs must have 100% accountability of all assigned property at all times. Non-controllable property in use for less than one year, has the same requirements as long as it is assigned. After one year, ownership of non-controllable property is transferred to the LEA and will close off the LEAs inventory.

All assigned property must be annually physically inventoried, and certified electronically in FEPMIS (link below) by the following dates:

  • LEAs with assigned property > must complete inventory by Aug 26 (those who don't, will be suspended)
  • LEAs with NO property > must complete station verification by July 15 (those who don't, will be deactivated)