Application Information

February 1, 2023

1. If an applicant is not granted a license, is the application fee refundable?

No.  Application fees are non-refundable.

2. Is a reduced application fee offered under special conditions?

No. The application fee must be paid to complete the application process for consideration as a new Texas Dispensing Organization. Texas Administrative Code §12.14 

3. Are applicants required to be a resident of Texas?


4. What are the dispensing organization license application requirements?

  • Application requirements can be found in the program statute and rules.  
  • Instructions for submitting a dispensing organization license application are available on our website.

5. What is the selection process for approving new licenses?

An announcement detailing the process for application acceptance and the subsequent approval process to issue additional licenses will be made at a later date.

6. How many new licenses will be approved?

The department will issue the number of licenses necessary to ensure reasonable statewide access to, and the availability of, low-THC cannabis for patients registered in the compassionate use registry.

7. What is the license fee and when is payment required?

Payment is required upon license approval Texas Administrative Code §12.14.

  • A New license is $488,520 for a two (2) year period, and
  • The biennial renewal license is $318,511.