Texas Department of Public Safety High-Value Data Sets

August 21, 2020

Pursuant to Senate Bill 701 (82nd Regular Session), the Texas Department of Public Safety is providing this data for public review.

   Driver License High Value Data Sets

   Law Enforcement Support High Value Data Sets

Public Facing Portal Reports

SOR Bureau
Pursuant to Section 411.135, the Registration Bureau has established a means for Individuals to access registration information via the internet. A website was created to allow individuals to search for reported registered sex offenders either by name, area, or by Institution of Higher Education. All information classified as public information is made available for each registrant. The website also contains links to other resources and allows persons to download exports of the registration data.

A&D Bureau
The A&D Bureau has a Public Website, which was created to provide conviction and deferred adjudication information to the general public. This demonstrated responsiveness by providing the public with information to make decisions potentially protecting themselves, others and even property.

CHRIP Bureau

Crime In Texas
Crime in Texas (CIT) is published annually and posted on the Department's website.

Data from all participating LEAs:

  • Summary Index Crime Counts
  • NIBRS Violent Crime and Property Crime Counts
  • Adult and Juvenile Arrests
  • Hate Crime Data
  • Sexual Assault Data
  • Family Violence Data
  • Drug Seizure Data
  • Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted data
  • Arson Counts
  • Human Trafficking Counts
  • Cargo Theft Data

Emergency Management High Value Data Sets

None Reported

Intelligence and Counter Terrorism High Value Data Sets

Texas Highway Patrol High Value Data Sets

NOTE: Due to changes in race/ethnicity codes in the THP database, all code options are listed below with notations as to when they were implemented and/or removed and those that are currently utilized.

  • Traffic Stop Data by Year (Racial Profiling Statute Article 2.131 Code if Criminal Procedure Racial Profiling Prohibited)
    • Alaskan Native/American Indian (I) - Currently utilized
    • Black (B) - Currently utilized
    • White (W) - Currently utilized
    • Hispanic/Latino (H) - Currently utilized
    • Asian or Pacific Islander (A) - Currently utilized
    • Middle Eastern (M) - Implemented in 2015 and removed in 2017
    • Other (O) - Removed in 2016
    • Unknown (U) - Removed in 2016

Texas Rangers High Value Data Sets

Regulatory Services High Value Data Sets

The Regulatory Services Division provides data within the Public Safety Commission Report in addition to the reports described below.

Texas Metals Program:
Active Metals Recycling Entities (MREs) - Provides monthly reports for MREs by company name and city (location)

Private Security:
Licensing Quarterly Total - Provides fiscal year, quarterly reports for private security applications received, applications processed, and active licenses & registrations

Handgun Licensing:
Conviction Rates - Provides yearly reports detailing conviction rates for LTC holders v non-holders for an offense as categorized by Chapter 411, Subchapter H, Texas Government Code or under Title 5, Chapter 29, Chapter 46, or Section 30.03, Texas Penal Code

Demographic Reports - Provides fiscal and calendar year reports for LTC Licenses by Applications & Certificates and also calendar year report for License and Instructor Counts

Criminal Investigations High Value Data Sets

None Reported

Agency Use of Force High Value Data Sets

Use of Force Data (2012-2016)