Debra Vahrenkamp & Janet Winkelmann

September 3, 2021

I wanted to inform you of the excellent work done by Janet and Debbie at the DPS Hillsboro office for not only me, but of every customer that came in while I was there. As they very patiently worked with me and the others, who for the most part had travelled from other locations outside of Hillsboro to take care of their licenses needs, I was amazed. Janet and Debbie showed an excellent knowledge and understanding of how to deal with each of our separate issues, but also went the extra mile in helping us get them resolved. For me personally, I had to have some information emailed in and Debbie helped me accomplish that. As soon as I arrived, I was immediately impressed by how they greeted each arrival but were able to stay focused on completing the work needed by each person in a very timely fashion. They did not show any irritation when the third person in a row asked the same question, they just patiently answered them and continued with their work. These ladies represented the Texas DPS in excellent fashion.