Crestina Rodriguez

September 3, 2021

I had recently set up an appointment with the Leon Valley Mega Center to get a new license, and typically every experience I’ve had going to the DMV/DLD it is a long and arduous process just to get to the counter. When entering the building, I was unsure of where to go or where to start even though I had my appointment. Crestina saw me struggling and immediately came up and began asking me questions to help determine how best to assist me. She was pleasant and warm in her greeting and helped me feel at ease. She went above and beyond to double check that my friend and I knew where we were going, that we were checked in, and that our forms were filled out correctly. I will now ALWAYS come to this center, just knowing that people like Crestina work at this location. Going to the DMV/DLD is already something a lot of people don’t enjoy, but if it means I get to interact with Crestina again, I will gladly continue doing so here. She deserves every accolade and award/reward that is available to her.