Trooper Zachary King

June 11, 2021

I am writing to give a HUGE compliment to Zack King. I am a first-grade teacher who was scrambling to find virtual volunteers for Career Day. I asked Zack King to talk to my class and he said yes! He even got in his full uniform on his day off for the kids. My students LOVED him!! They asked him so many great questions and were so excited to hear from a Texas State Trooper. Zack left a great impression on my students. They talked about how awesome it was that he protects us (and in first-graders brains- they took that as he "saves the world"). My students ALL think that State Troopers and Police Officers are SO cool now. For these six and seven year olds who were robbed of all the fun things that first-graders should normally get to do this year, this was such a great, bright light for them. I can't thank Zack enough.