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TxDPS Forms

Form By Letter

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 Form Title  Form  Number
Polygraph School Catalog POLY-2.pdf
Polygraph School Application POLY-3.docx
CRB Info Document PPP-13.docx
Non-Compliant Memo Template PPP-14.docx
LBB Attestation Letter PPP-16.doc
Corrective Action Plan Report Template PPP-17.docx
Checklist Building_Hangar_Office Space Lease PPP-18.doc
Tower Lease Agreement Checklist PPP-19.doc
Armed Forces Affidavit PSP-MIL.pdf
Pepper Spray Training Certificate PSP-PSC.pdf
Certificate of Liability Insurance PSP-05.pdf
Declaration of Psychological and Emotional Health PSP-13.pdf
Information Change Form – Individual PSP-16B.pdf
Notification of Termination - Owner PSP-19A.pdf
Complaint Form PSP-22.pdf
Basic Security Officer Training Course Level Three Certificate of Completion PSP-30.pdf
Firearm Proficiency Certificate of Completion PSP-31.pdf
Personal Protection Officer Training Course Level Four Certificate of Completion PSP-32.pdf
Certificate of Completion TPSB Level Two Training Course PSP-36.pdf
Notice of Designation as Officer Overseeing Regulated Functions PSP-62.pdf
Business Update Application Supplement PSP-67.pdf