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Laws and Regulations

By statute and rule, the DPS Precursor Chemical Laboratory Apparatus (PCLA) Program is responsible for regulating some precursor chemical laboratory apparatus.

Chemical precursor means:


D-lysergic acid
Ergotamine tartrate
Diethyl malonate
Malonic acid
Ethyl malonate
Barbituric acid

N-acetylanthranilic acid
Phenylacetic acid
Anthrancilic acid
Hypophosphorous acid (by rule, TAC)
Red phosphorus (by rule, TAC)


Chemical laboratory apparatus means any item of equipment designed, made or adapted to manufacture a controlled substance or a controlled substance analogue, including:


a condenser
a distilling apparatus
a vacuum dryer
a three-neck or distilling flask
a tableting machine
an encapsulating machine
a filter, Buchner or separatory funnel

an Erlenmeyer, two-neck or single-neck flask
a round-bottom, Florence, thermometer or filtering flask
a Soxhlet extractor
a transformer
a flask heater
a heating mantel
an adapter tube


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Abusable Volatile Chemicals, Chapter 485 (PDF)

Over the Counter Sales of Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, and Norpseudoephedrine, Chapter 486 (PDF)

Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 37, Part I, Chapter 13, Subchapter B, Precursors and Apparatus

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