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TxDPS Forms

Form By Letter

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 Form Title  Form  Number
Background Investigation Questionnaire RC-4A.pdf
Self Evaluation Questionnaire RC-5.pdf
Waiver for Trooper Training RC-99.pdf
Cancellation of Agency Regulated Professional Licenses and Certificates RSD-2.pdf
Agency Verification/Investigative Information Request Form RSD-25.pdf
Initial Record(s) Request RSD-29.pdf
Request for Appeal RSD-30.pdf
Application for Appointment to the Metals Recycling Entities Advisory Committee RSD-47.pdf
Application for Appointment to the Private Security Advisory Committee RSD-48.pdf
Application for Appointment to the Vehicle Inspection Advisory Committee RSD-49.pdf
Texas On-Road Vehicle Emissions Testing (TORVET) Program RSD-60.pdf
Compassionate Use Program Administrative Process Suggestion Form RSD-300.pdf
Application Checklist and Scoring Criteria RSD-302.pdf
Director/ Manager/Employee Application RSD-303.pdf
Registration Transfer Request RSD-305.pdf
Suspension Affidavit RSD-551
Revocation Affidavit RSD-552
Notice of Hold to Metal Recycling Entity RSD-802.pdf
Notice of Release of Metal Recycling Entity RSD-803.pdf
Application for Cash Transaction Card RSD-804.pdf
Metal Recycling Transaction Statement of Ownership RSD-805.pdf
Metals Recycling Entity Affidavit of Knowledge and Understanding RSD-807.pdf
Application for disabling/ Re-Enabling Metals Registration RSD-808.pdf
Report of Sale/Transfer of Controlled Items RSD-904.pdf
Report of Theft of Precursor Chemical/Lab Apparatus RSD-905.pdf