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Type of Request:  Other
Salutation:  MS
Name:  Bernadette Feazell
Mailing Address Line1:  508 River Park Road
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City:  McGregor
State:  TX
Zip:  76657
Phone:  2542650679
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Description of Request Information: the Public Information Act I would like to know if the DNA from the Lillie Hefele case is AT THE DPS lab. IT has been reported that it is, but there is doubt. Do you have and are you running DNA on one Lillie Hefele, Ft. Worth Cold Case from 1980? The murderer is well known in Waco, I am a witness, there are many witnesses and NO ONE has talked to them, we all know who did it yet this case is covered up. Please let us know if you are working on it. Our DA thinks you are, I don't think so. Please give me all the informaton you can under the TEXAS OPEN RECORDS ACT.