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TxDPS Forms

Forms List

Safety Responsibility Forms List

 Form Title  Form  Number
Affidavit Relating to Mandatory Liability Insurance Exemption- Antique Vehicles Under Section 601.052(1) SR-2.pdf
Release - Regular SR-11.pdf
Judgment Liability Affidavit SR-13C.pdf
Application for Return or Security Deposited Under Safety Responsibility Act SR-14.doc
Application for Return of Security SR-14A.pdf
Installment Agreement SR-19.pdf
Affidavit - Purchase Car Unaware of Suspension SR-39.pdf
Transcript of Civil Proceedings SR-42.pdf
Application for Disposition of Security on Deposit Under Safety Responsibility Act SR-45.pdf
Notice of Default on Court Approved Installment Agreement SR-46.pdf
Affidavit of No Suit Filed Within Two Years SR-60.pdf
Application for Payment of Judgment Out of Security SR-61.pdf
Notice of Unsatisfied Judgment SR-62.pdf
Notice of Default on Installment Agreement SR-73.pdf
Judgment Creditors Consent to Allow License & Registration SR-84.pdf
Revocation of Judgment Creditors Consent to Allow SR-85.pdf
Certification of No Execution on Dormant Judgment SR-88.pdf
Dollar Information Letter SR-106.pdf