Texas Rangers Cold Case Investigation Details

Mikiko   Kasahara

RACE: Asian
SEX: Female
CITY: Seguin
COUNTY: Guadalupe


Mikiko Kasahara, a 21 year old Asian female was the older of two daughters from a family in Japan. Ms. Kasahara was in the United States as a foreign exchange student, attended Texas Lutheran University in Seguin and was on the Dean’s List due to her excellent grades. She had just finished final exams early in the week for the fall 2002 semester and held a party on Friday night for some of her close friends. The following morning on Saturday, December 14, 2002, a fire was reported in her apartment complex. Ms. Kasahara was later found deceased inside her burned apartment. An autopsy later determined the manner of death to be a homicide.

Texas Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward of up to $3,000 to any person who provides informationthat leads to the arrest of the person/persons responsible forthis crime. To be eligible for the cash rewards, tipsters MUST call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477). All tips are anonymous. Tipsters will be provided a tip number instead of using a name.

Information on this case may also be submitted in the following manner:

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