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Unidentified Person's Details

Date Picture Updated: 8/15/2003
The picture of this person is

Case Number: U9301001
Agency: Calcasieu Co SO Lake Charles
Date Found: 12/22/1991
Estimated Date of Death: 12/04/1991
Cause of Death: 2 bullet wounds/back

Race: White
Age: 22 - 32
Height: 5' 2 " - 5' 6 "
Eye Color: Unknown

Sex: Female

Weight: 95 lbs. - 140 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown

City Found: Unknown
County Found: Unknown
State Found: Louisiana
Country Found: USA

The jewelry pictured here was found near the body and believed to belong to the victim. The ring is silver and is a size 5 3/8. The face of the ring is a depiction of a bird, turquoise in color with a red tail. The earring is gold plated. Both pieces of jewelry appear to be similar to jewelry worn by Native Americans or those in the Southwest United States.
The victim may have been African American, Caucasian or bi-racial mixture of Hispanic and American Indian. She was found lying on a driveway leading into a field near Vinton, LA. She suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was deceased approximately 2-3 weeks prior to discovery of her body. The victim had an extra vertebra and there was some evidence of back problems.

Additional Pictures

Date Picture Updated: 6/15/2017


The picture of this person is

Date Picture Updated: 6/15/2017


Date Picture Updated: 6/15/2017


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