Age/Basic Requirements for Trooper

Age Requirements

Age: Applicants must be at least 20 years of age to apply and must be 21 years of age upon graduating from the Department’s Trooper Trainee Academy.

There is no maximum age limit to apply to become a Texas State Trooper.

Basic Requirements

The first step toward becoming a Texas State Trooper is submitting your application on-line. If you meet the minimum requirements you will be notified by email or telephone of the next available test date. The physical readiness test and written tests must be completed within 30 days of submission of your on-line application, unless the Tester or Recruiter approve other arrangements.

All applicants must meet the basic requirements for entrance into training for the position of Trooper in the Texas Highway Patrol.

Once the applicant has received notification stating their application has been accepted to continue in the application process the applicant should make contact with the Tester in regards to submitting the paperwork. Applicants must complete and pass the physical fitness and written tests as noted on the job posting.

The Department of Public Safety will continue to accept applications for Trooper Trainee year round. The application process will require the applicant to travel to Texas a minimum of 3 times to complete the required testing. The applicant’s travel expense is not reimbursed by the Department.

The Department will select the most competitive candidates to continue in the application process. Be sure to review the Department's list of disqualifiers' prior to submitting your application on-line and documents. If you are unsure of a disqualifier contact the Recruiter or Tester in your area.

With few exceptions, you have the right to request and be informed about information that the State of Texas collects about you. You are entitled to receive and review the information upon request. You also have the right to ask the state agency to correct any information that is determined to be incorrect. (Reference: Texas Government Code, Sections 522.021, 552.023 and 559.004).