Two Steps, One Sticker Inspection & Registration Program

September 30, 2020


VIN Mismatch
If the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) doesn’t match the registration, you may obtain a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) by returning to the inspection station where the inspection was originally performed. The station will need to enter a new inspection record showing the correct VIN. If that is not an option, the vehicle will need to be inspected again to complete the vehicle’s registration renewal.

Inspection Stickers
Vehicles are no longer required to have an inspection sticker on the vehicle’s windshield. The inspection sticker has been replaced by the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). Keep the VIR handy as it may need to be shown at the time of registration.

Inspection Fees
Inspection fees have not changed. You now pay the inspection fee in two parts, at the inspection station and at the time of registration. See Cost of Inspection to learn more about the current inspection costs by inspection type.

The inspection fee listed on your registration will not match the state fee listed on your Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). See Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for more information on Two Steps, One Sticker.

Consolidated Inspection and Registration System Study (PDF)

Inspection Stations

Printer Not Working; Cannot Inspect
A violation occurs for Failure to Perform a Complete Inspection and or issue a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). See Texas Administrative Code 23.62(c)(1)(q).

You cannot continue to inspect if you are unable to produce an inspection report.

If you are using a Vehicle Inspection Connection (VIC) unit, call the Help Desk at (855) 845-0842 for system issues, or the printer manufacturer for printer problems.

If you are using an emissions analyzer, contact the analyzer manufacturer.