Join Law Enforcement Communications Operations as a Police Communications Operator

September 21, 2020

Now Accepting Applications in the following locations:

Abilene - Amarillo - Austin - Del Rio - El Paso - Garland - Houston - Laredo - Lubbock - Lufkin - Midland - Mineral Wells - Pecos - San Antonio - Tyler - Waco



LE Communications is actively seeking individuals with a passion to support our law enforcement personnel as an integral component of their enforcement and emergency response responsibilities. As first responders, we are an officers critical lifeline for backup and resources, provide specific information and intelligence to aid in their decision making while supporting the citizens of the State of Texas. LE Communications answers the call for help from citizens, providing an immediate response as the situation may dictate. LE Communications supports multiple state agencies law enforcement functions including the Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers, Agents and Rangers, as well as the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, and many others. LE Communications also deploys command and communications equipment and personnel to support on scene law enforcement incidents and other emergency response needs such as natural disasters and major weather events. Police Communications Operators have the opportunity to train and deploy to these unique situations providing a professional and supportive response as needed.

The process to join the DPS Law Enforcement Communications as a Police Communications Operator is a lengthy one and may take several months, as the hiring process is very thorough. It begins with the initial State of Texas Application and initial screening. Qualified applicants must then successfully complete the CritiCall test, which is a computerized simulation of job duties performed by DPS Police Communications Operators on a daily basis. Applicants must submit to a polygraph examination, then a 3-person interview board is held to interview the candidates. A Conditional Job Offer is made, and upon successful completion of the above requirements. Applicants who enter a conditional job offer with DPS must submit to a drug screen and physical examination, and a psychological examination. A thorough background investigation is also completed. Upon successful completion of all of the above phases of the hiring process and after approval of the Director of Law Enforcement Communications, the applicant may come to work for DPS Communications. The process may be long, but becoming a part of the DPS Communications Team is well worth the wait.

Uniform Information

A clothing policy is in place; shirts are provided by DPS to complement a formal, casual and field uniform. Employees are required to conform to the hair and jewelry standards.

Salary Information

Communications – We pay for licensed TCOLE Telecommunicator prior experience based on years of active license up to 10 years of service! All PCO’s have opportunities to progress to the next level based on experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

  • PCO II - $3,555.56
  • PCO III - $3,792.79
  • PCO IV - $4,118.19
  • PCO V - $4,393.68
  • PCO VI - $5,396.28
  • PCO VII - Team Lead - $5,918.33


On occasions when personnel are required to work overtime, it is submitted for payment at time and a half.

Intermittent Shift pay for varying shift schedules

The Department is authorized to offer a supplemental pay for any shift other than day shift Monday through Friday. This is currently being paid to our LE Communications Operators for any shifts worked evenings and overnight as well as weekend day shifts.


Holiday Time is earned when employees work on designated state and federal holidays observed by the State of Texas. Holiday Time must be used within a year after it is earned.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is earned at the rate of 8 hours per month and may be carried from year to year. A Sick Leave Pool is available for serious conditions which qualify.


Vacation is earned according to the following schedule:

Vacation accrual schedule
Length of service Hours accrued per month
0 > 2 years 8
2 > 5 years 9
5 > 10 years 10
10 > 15 years 11
15 > 20 years 13
20 > 25 years 15
25 > 30 years 17
30 > 35 years 19
35+ years 21


Vacancies occur at the various DPS Communications facilities around the state; Communications personnel may request a transfer to those facilities with approval of their supervisor and LE Communications management.

Career Progression

Career progression opportunities are available to Communications personnel based on experience and KSAs and salary is set as shown in the salary chart above. When supervisory vacancies are available, eligible PCO's who wish to promote to those positions must successfully pass a written test to be eligible to participate in the promotional interview board. These boards are held as needed to fill positions in the 22 DPS Communications facilities in the state. PCO's are encouraged to study, train and be prepared for promotional opportunities as they arise.

Training and Travel

After initial employment, DPS Communications personnel must complete Communications Comprehensive Training Program (CCTP), which includes study on different duties specific to the Communications Service, including radio, telephone, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and telecommunications. Additional mandated training must be completed within the first year of employment along with meeting continuing education requirements. Training and travel to special assignments is available to those who have support and permission of their chain-of-command. Personnel who show initiative, motivation and desire are encouraged to participate in extra activities.

Shift Work

Each LE Communications facility has a varied work schedule based on staffing and other conditions. Some facilities have a fixed, set shift while others operate on a rotation schedule. Shifts assignments are subject to change, sometimes with minimal notice and personnel are subject to call.