Applicant Process

September 21, 2020

Application, Forms, Testing

  1. Submit the online application. Your application will be reviewed; if you meet the minimum requirements, you will be notified by email to continue to Step 2.
  2. Receive notification with instructions to take the CritiCall Dispatcher/Call Taker Pre-Employment test online. Testing must be completed within thirty (30) calendar days of being sent the testing notification.
  3. Upon successfully passing the CritiCall Dispatcher/Call Taker Pre-Employment test online, you will receive notification to complete Steps 4 through 8.
  4. Print and complete the Waiver (RC-99) (PDF) form. Your signature on this form must be witnessed by a notary, or someone who knows you.
  5. Print and complete the Background Investigation Questionnaire (RC-4A) (PDF) form. This form must be signed in the presence of a notary and notarized.
  6. Print and complete the Self Evaluation Questionnaire (CO-103) (PDF) form. Your signature on this form must be witnessed by someone who knows you.
  7. Print and complete Affidavit of Fact (CO-109) (PDF) form. Your signature on this form must be notarized by a notary. 
  8. Documents must be received in fourteen (14) calendar days from being sent the document notification link. Submit all documents in person or by trackable means (emailed documents are not accepted):
    1. Original or certified copy of your birth certificate or naturalization paperwork
    2. Certified college transcripts
    3. Certified high school transcripts or diploma
    4. Photo copy of Social Security Card
    5. Photo copy of driver license
    6. Current credit report (within past six months)
    7. DD-214 for military personnel only. If you have not been issued a DD-214 you may provide a memorandum from your Commanding Officer or have your Commanding Officer complete the Department's Military Discharge Form (PDF).
    8. Certified copy of court disposition of all Class B and above charges ten (10) or more years old or Class C convictions involving family violence or official duties.
    9. Males 18-25 Proof of registration for the Selective Service

      Polygraph Examination
      File Review
      Assessment Board
      File Review
      Conditional Job Offer
      Background Investigation
      Final Approval Review
      Approval Notification